17.10. 20h

von tamara friebel

von katharina klement

    gloria damijan, klavier, toypiano
    gobi drab, performance
    tamara friebel, elektronik
    katharina klement, klavier
    talvi nurgamaa, viola d'amore
escape, nausea, shame, weight, nakedness
for live video/viola d'amore/piano & electronics, at Echoraum with snim, Vienna, Oct 2009
a reflection on Emmanuel Levinas, On Escape, De l'évasion, 1935

Commenting on De l'évasion years later, Levinas implicitly recognises the problem that [the] association of being and impower raised:
In the original text, written in 1935 one is able to distinguish the anxiety of war that was approaching and all of the "fatigue/tiredness of being" the state of the soul of that period.  A mistrust with regard to being, which under another form continued in what. . . in its entirety was the foreboding of the imminent Hitlerism everywhere. 
In the experience of nausea, ontological impossibility does not bow to absolute power. It begins to look for another way of thinking the meaning of the human out of, but beyond, its relation to being.
[from Elizabeth Lousie Thomas, Emmanuel Levinas: ethics, justice and the human beyond being, New York : Routledge, 2004.]

TAMARA FRIEBEL is a composer, voice artist, video artist as well as an architect. She was born in Cohuna, Australia and moved to Europe in 2002.
Her composition teachers have included Chaya Czernowin, Karlheinz Essl, Dieter Schermann,(University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna), Jonathan Cole (Royal College of Music London) & Liza Lim (Huddersfield, UK).
Tamara is currently working on a PhD (Huddersfield, UK) in composition, looking at dynamical systems and their influence on the compositional process. Her research language involves the use of strange attractors from mathematics, which she uses compositionally/architecturally as proportional variations, hybrid demarcations and residual forms. Tamara holds a strong fascination for dynamical forms, drawn from her childhood in the Sahara Desert.
Tamara completed her architecture degree with first class honours at RMIT, Melbourne and her masters at die'angewandte, Vienna in the masterclass of Zaha Hadid, 2008. She also holds a degree in sociology and psychoanalytic theory.

Current projects include LADY XOC, a dance/opera production, SUFFRAGI a video/dance project for Huddersfield/Copenhagen 2010.

ein Baum. der Regen. draussen. die Erinnerung.
Klare Anweisungen führen eine offene Anzahl von Ausführenden durch 4 Regionen. Das klangliche Material wird im Detail individuell bestimmt.
Ein formales Gerüst bildet eine  "Substruktur", die in ein Laboratorium musikalischer Bewegung mündet, die nichts endgültig fixiert, aber auch nicht alles offen lässt.

Katharina Klement
geb. 1963 in Graz, Österreich
Studien: Klavier, Komposition (Dieter Kaufmann) , Lehrgang für elektroakustische & experimentelle Musik an der Univ. für Musik u. darst. Kunst Wien
Als "composer-performer" im Feld von notierter und improvisierter, instrumentaler und elektronischer Musik tätig: instrumentale und elektronische Kompositionen, querverbindende Projekte in den Bereichen Musik-Text/Sprache-Video, zahlreiche Arbeiten für mechanisch und elektronisch präpariertes Klavier, Klanginstallationen, Gründerin und Mitglied mehrerer Improvisationsensembles.
Preise, Stipendien und Auftragswerke, Aufführungen & Konzerte im In- und Ausland
zahlreiche CD-Produktionen
derzeit Lehrauftrag im Lehrgang "Computermusik und Elektronische Medien", Univ. f. Musik u. darst. Kunst Wien
lebt in Wien